Saturday, June 23, 2012


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Leighna sighed as leaned her head against the seat of the car and watched traffic pass outside the passenger window. It had been a long day and she Just spent last hour sitting outside one of the trendiest bars in Summerlin.  Honestly, she’d have felt better if she’d been sitting outside one of the busy clubs on the famed Vegas strip or in some seedy hotel. 
The business men and their pta wives staggered clumsily through the parking lot, stumbling and tumbling over each other as if they’d just been on a reality tv shoot. Single men past their glory days tried to catch her attention by sucking in their guts or tooting the horns of their eco friendly priuses and electric hybrids.
Finally, the neon lights flickered and went out. The sign that read Malibu’s no longer casting its harsh lights and bright colors across the hood of the car. The bars owner paused at the front door to speak to the bartendars and crew. Making sure they each had rides home and didn’t stay to long with the closing, he flicked a spent Camel from his lips and flung a leather jacket over his shoulder. His loose stride  did nothing to deny the weariness in his shoulders.  She felt bad for him, it had obviously been a rough night.
So she sat quietly as they drove. His big  hand resting on her knee, cool from the blast of the cars a/c, as if drawing some kind of inner peace just from her presence. They made there way through the palm lined surburban streets before pulling over.
“Honey we don’t have to hang out with you sister tonight…” she started to turn and replace the little bottle of hand lotion she’d been working into her skin.  The light scent of night jasmine mingling with the smell of leather and him.

Leighna caught the  troubled nervousness rolling off him in waves. ‘Mal, did you hear me we don’t..” the words stop in her throat as he turned and put both hands on the wheel, his jaw tensed and adam's apple bobbing. In all the years they’d been to gether Malibu Jones had never lost his cool. Not even when he’d sauntered up to here, knowing he was younger than she was, and declared he was the man she should be dating.
“You know Leighna… its like .. and then… me and you and we..”
Leighna couldn’t make out anything in the frustrating jumble. Scared she placed her hand on his jaw and watched as he squeezed both hands on the wheel and his eyes tightly before nuzzling her palm.
Suddenly he grabbed her hand and kissed it… then reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet box that he promptly fumbled and dropped in her lap…
“Marry me dammit”.
With trembling hands she opened the box…. The single diamond caught the light from the dash controls and winked at her.


MALIBU AND LEIGHNA AREN’T REAL But bits and pieces of this story are….


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Remember a few months back I told you all that my characters sometimes sneak up on me and lay some serious drama down the go away?  One such encounter resulted in the unedited posting called girlfriends... (find it here GIRLFRIENDS)

well this morning around three a.m. I got a disturbing phone call and email and I guess I decided to channel whatever character that was hovering around in the original Girlfriends...
up until just a few moments ago this was my status... I've decided its worthy of  hanging out with the rest of the stuff I am planning for the girlfriends saga...


Since you admitted as much in the email you circulated to all our "friends" I know you see this and you know I am talking directly to you. I guess you get to win by calling me a bad friend, when in actuality you're the one who hid away. I didn't judge your actions in fact if you'll think hard enough I was probably the only person who told you to your face that you had the right to make a decision. However what you don't get the right to do is blame me or anyone else for how it played out. You made your bed, you can lie in it (Damn always wanted to get to say that ha ha). I don't hate you...facts of being until your little rant was brought to my attention I hadn't even truly thought about you. I try not to make people a priority in my life when I am only and option in theirs. The last words I spoke to you were " I love you, and I want you to do whats right and whats best for yourself, that doesn't mean you have to bring anyone down. Own up to your mistakes and go forward and when you're ready or need a friend I'll be here." I've always been here, it you who turned away. You who blamed every body for how you decided to handle this. DId you honestly think, knowing me all these years, I'd side with bullshit and drama over the truth. Facts of matter being if you'd stopped hiding in the shit you created long enough you'd know that I've only encouraged everyone to leave you be and let you live your life. I wont lie on you and I wont lie for you. I've kept your confidence through it all. Even when asked to my face I've only said "thats her story to tell". And Even now I wont tell, but I tell you what else I wont do, I wont sit quietly and let you drag my name through the mud. I am only gonna tell you this once little girl, Keep rubbing my lamp and I'm gonna answer your every wish. You think life sucks right now? You don't know hard times yet darlin'. It won't be a rock in Texas you can hide under. And as for not knowing were to find me: baby look over you shoulder because the more you run my name past your lips, the closer I get. PS... you should make sure you don't hit reply all and that you delete your previous attachments when you're sending out scathing little emails full of lies and vitriol. I was one of thirty five people who got to see the picture of you smoke a "pipe" that doesn't belong to your husband. Wonder how you going to explain that one? And based on the phone cal I just got, you've got exactly 7 hours to come up with a good lie. LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND SMOOCHES!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fantasy and adventure

though i rarely read historical/ or regencies, i have a serious fond place in my heart for them. When i was little and the only way to keep my mouth shut was to give me a book, my mom began to just hand me hers and thank the heaven's for the silence that over took what ever room i was in.  I used to long to go back in time and be a character in a book. I wouldn't fall for the hero's romantic chakras though, i'd be smart with my knowledge of the future and besides all the girls were too young to be getting wooed anyway.. I wanted to go back and take over some shit and run thangs.... Well, the grown up me doesn't read that genre to often, growing up and learning took away the fantasy of it, butl when i do read them I like them to be good ... as a favor to me i want y'all to go out and get this it then email this chic and let her KNOW how awesome she effin is... OMG sooo great.J M Powers Author make sure you pass the word around to all you friends who read them .... ITS EPIC  clici on the picture to buy

While on a journey to collect his betrothed, Galeron comes upon a young maiden in the forest. She has no memory of who she is or why she's there. The gash on her cheek says she's suffered terrible abuse. He's instantly smitten and dubs her Ruby of the Forest. However, names do not matter as they discover magical passion beneath the forest canopy.  

Ruby accepts his offer of a safe journey to his home, all the while wishing he could offer what she wants most--his heart. At Ramstone, Galeron and Ruby's passions grow day by day. Tidbits of her memory return a little at a time, and she realizes her life intersects with his--and not in a good way.  

Will Ruby discover her past? Or will her past discover her when she least expects it?

Her profile was beautiful. The lock of hair peeking from her hood seemed to beckon his touch. Her nose, sprinkled with faint freckles, turned up a bit at the end. He wished to kiss it. 

“What was your destination? Most importantly, did anyone in your dream call out? A name mayhap? Furthermore, why would—” 

She jumped up and raised her hand. “Wait! ’Tis quite a flurry of questions.”
He sat up. “Then answer one at a time.” 

“Are all knights as daft as you?” She grinned. “Which of the countless queries shall I respond to first?” She tapped her finger on her bottom lip. 

He’d nibbled that lip. Kissed that fingertip. He didn’t hear her words at first. Finally he tuned in to hear, “…thrown from a horse, and most disturbing, I believe someone wishes me dead. I have nay other answers. Even those are not clear.” 

“I should keep my questions to myself.” And his unpure thoughts. 
“Actually, your questions are the same ones I now ask myself.” She motioned the length of her body. “As well as to why I am wearing this garb.” She laughed. 

He felt her laughter within him—and how badly he would miss it when they parted company. “’Twould be fitting for you to possess a name as well.” He ran a finger through the strand of hair that had been torturing him. It was as soft as he imagined. Then, he untwisted the cord beneath her chin. 

Her breathing quickened as he removed the hood, but he could not stop. Transfixed, he watched the long, auburn locks spill from her hood and onto her shoulders. 

He released a breath. “I shall dub you...Ruby.” Her jade eyes flickered with yellow specks in the sunlight. “Ruby of the Forest.” Galeron widened the mere shadow of space between them. The single step back seemed a chasm of eternity. “Ah, those red tresses are a jewel in themselves.” 

“You are insufferable.” Clicking her tongue, she smiled and headed for his stallion. “Such a fool.” 

He laughed. A fool for her, mayhap. 

“Why did you leave?”
“The same reason I am asking you to do the same.” She pricked her finger on a dead stem and placed it in her mouth. 

“I am not fond of riddles. Why did you leave Ramstone?”
“To remain…” She swung around. “Far from you.”
He closed the distance between them. Standing a breath away, she looked into his eyes. “I do not need you or anyone else to think for me. Fight your own battles, and leave me to mine.” 

Galeron took Ruby by the arms. “Fair one, it takes all I have not to shake you. Bring the boy and his family along if you must, but return to Ramstone!” 

Ruby shrugged from his grasp and shoved him. She was shouting now. “I am not one of your duties anymore. You are free of me. You have your betrothed and I belong to another.” 

“I am not so easily convinced. I know there is naught between you and Palmer.” 
“Not him, but someone. What other reason would I feel I have a child of my own? I must belong to another.” 

He strode to her, pulling her into his arms. “If you have a child, we shall find the young one. As far as belonging to another, he is less than a man. If you were missing, I would not rest until I found you.” 

Ruby clenched her jaw. “You say this as you set out to find your betrothed?” She leaned back as his gruff whisper brushed her cheek. 

“If I have to carry you over my shoulder to do so, I shall bring you back to Ramstone.” 

Ruby slapped him on the cheek. His head turned with the force of her blow. For a moment they faced each other, their breaths intermingling while they stared each other down. 

She blew at the wayward lock falling in her eyes and jerked her head to the side when he reached to push it from her face. “I am not free and neither are you.” She shuddered when he cradled her chin in his hand and placed the tendril behind her ear. Her eyes met his when he wiped the tears on her cheek. “Damn you. You are about to be wed. I refuse to be your wench.” 

“I would never ask you to be my wench. I simply wish to assure your safety while I am gone. However, I find...” He brushed his lips against hers. “I have missed you, Ruby.” 

The torture of doubt ripped at her. Anger collided with warmth, sinful cravings with confusion and she spent all of her emotions on him. 

The stubble of his beard scraped her chin. She grabbed his neck as he kissed her and hoisted herself, wrapping her legs around his waist. Galeron’s moan twisted around her heart while their tongues intertwined in a frantic dance. His broad hands roamed down her back and cradled her bottom. She pressed against him and reached into his tunic, feeling the warmth of his body. His chest rose and fell beneath her fingertips while she reeled in the darkness he brightened. She cried out at the sensation of his lips following the low neckline of her bodice. She felt him tremble when she pressed hard against him. 

“Woman, refrain from doing that.”
“This?” She grinned and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist.
“You know not what you do, milady.” He slowly lowered her feet to the ground. Stilted breath flowed from his lips while he kissed her temple. “God in heaven,” he whispered. “I did not intend to…” 

“Neither did I. Shhh.” Ruby closed her eyes and listened to his heartbeat pounding as hard as her own. Let this be. Allow the haunting reminders of her past to release its grasp. Would fate deem she belonged to another? Ruby wanted to believe fate would be kind for once. 

Her eyes flew open at the nearby gasp and she shoved out of Galeron’s embrace.