Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ok, you guys know how much I LOVE telling stories, especially when they are based on real life.
And you know I LOVE knowing something Y’all don’t know and then getting to tell you.
And you also know how much I LOVE making HUGE, DRAMATIC  ANNOUNCEMENTS…I’d be the perfect wedding toast writer…don’t steal that idea I am already putting it in a book….anyway sit back…I got something to tell you.  Don’t for get to read slowly and click the link so you can hear the music too.

Are you playing the music…good now do the dreamy wavy thing from the old sitcoms and picture this.

Nicole stood at the bank of window in the old mid century ranch style house.  The sky was exceptionally bright tonight. Stars twinkled and danced and the leaves of the old sycamore tree sang along with the breeze.
Rose Royce drifted from the PA system a soft dreamy song ironically about wishing on stars and true love. 
Nicole sighed deeply; she couldn’t believe Michael had talked her into coming to his parents house, a house she’d practically grown up in and packing all the rest of their knick-knacks. Looking around the loft a sense of sadness washed over her. Michael’s parents moving was actually more heartbreaking than when her own parents had decided to sell her childhood home and migrate to the warmer climate of the Florida keys.
Turning she made her way down the stairs and nearly tripped and broke her neck.  Actually she didn’t fall all the way down, she just missed that one step that caused her to grasp for air, call on the lord and watch her Thirty three years flash before her eyes.
She only righted herself and calmed down when the deep rumble of laughter caught her ears. Shooting a startled glance over the empty space below she caught Michael as he was bent at the waist grasping for air, pointing and laughing his ass off at her.
“You’re about to see my foot, up your ass.”
“Whatever, come over here mom left some stuff she wanted you to have.”
Nicole made her way to were Michael had created a make shift table out of boxes, There lined in a row were three small velvet boxes.
Pulling her into his embrace Michael settled Nicole and himself on the floor her back to his chest, their legs tangled.
“Why would your mom leave me jewelry,” Nicole whispered, “wouldn’t she want your sisters to have it”
“Actually,” Michael said, drawing one long leg in so that it was across her lap preventing her from moving, I picked out this stuff a while ago and have been waiting to give it to you.
He leaned forward and grabbed the first box and revealed tiny platinum earrings in the shape of x’s, slowly he helped her to put them on.. “so you’ll always have my kisses in your ear” he whispered…
Nicole didn’t say anything but her body trembled. The second box was opened and the sparkle of a platinum chain caught her eye two  circles linked in infinity hugging a huge pink heart shaped diamond  were gently draped around her neck and clasped together… “so that you will always know we will always be together…in your heart and in mine…”
Nicole couldn’t help it, the tears began to spill over and she couldn’t slow her heart beat
Michael opened the final box and placed the huge platinum solitaire on her finger…”so that you know that no matter how far you run, I will always be here.”
“I sorta thought you were supposed to ask a woman to marry you”
“I am not asking any woman anything…I am telling my wife, we are getting married”
“And if I run?”
“If you try to run I swear I’ll spank you in front of God and everybody”
“Yeah, it’s bad enough you tricked us into walking in on mom and dad that one time”
Nicole almost broke Michael’s nose as the voice of her twin baby sisters rang out in unison, the lights came on and family and friends poured into the living room with smiles and tears on their faces…

“I can’t believe you planned this” Nicole whispered as she and Michael stood in the back yard. They’d been hugged and congratulated to death until finally her sisters had helped them sneak out for a moment alone. She watched the moonlight twinkle in his eyes…and was moved to tears as he dropped down to one knee.
“When we were little you used to sneak over here and lay in the grass with me…when I asked you what you were wishing for you’d always say true love.  Well, here I am… your wish come true.”
At that moment a shooting star raced across the sky and Nicole knew this was it…there was no need to wish for anything else..
Ok so how was that…
Oh you’re waiting for the announcement still…
Nevea got married!!! Nate didn’t give her a choice…he showered her with jewels and made all her dreams come true!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

rambling at 3 in the morning

I been just kicking around lately.  Feeling some things, not feeling some things.  Taking things too much to heart and ignoring others. Meh. C'est le vie? Oui?

Of course it is. Life ebbs and flows.  Pulled by the moon just like the tides. The key is learning to adjust your sails. Opening them and catching that wind that drives you on, closing them and just floating on the waives. Battening down the hatches and riding out the storms.

So I was thinking to myself all day, "Drea, what's really going on?  Are you ok? Are you really gonna be this bohemian? B/C really  Birkenstocks and cracked heels isn't cute.  Might as well just have on crocs and no socks or odor eaters".  I need beauty day. I feel like dressing up and prancing around, if for no other reason than I've literal lived in my pajamas for the better part of the last few months. And now I need new pajamas.

And that shook me a bit. Caused me to look around, clean my glasses and look around again.

Shits not so bad.  I mean granted its not the BEST, but its not so bad. Lord knows, it could be worse. And honestly  some stuff I just don't give a damn about. Lots of people out there insinuating that something about me has something to do with them. Some of them are correct, but most of them are so flippin' far off bass.  There are a few, precious few, that have contributed to my current state of hermit-dom and introspection. Some of them because they gave me good advice, challenged me to look within myself and find that spark, that thing that just BREATHS life into me.  Some of them just because I just can't fkn be bothered anymore.  Dude, screw you and your issues.  

So its 3:30 a.m. now and I've got a bit of a headache due to the constant chatter of the voices...and probably the over load of instant coffee and chocolate cake.  I am thinking my fro is not so fro-tastic right now and a long hot bubble bath would be AH MAIZ  EN!

And despite the wicked email from someone I rather liken to and in-grown infested hair on crinkle of a trolls ass...I'm ok.  I suddenly don't care if I am accepted or not.  Don't care if some one appreciates me or not. My only concern is the fact that I think I need to do laundry cuz I might be down to the boxer briefs I bought for the Hubs but confiscated for myself when he said he didn't like them ( dude, they are magic under maxi dresses).

Oh and Titan, yeah he is concerning me. He has gas. Again.  Its not good. NOT. GOOD.


Its all good.

Stinky, but good.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I want to start out by saying Happy Mother's Day   to all the moms and mr moms out there( both here and here in spirit). And to the Aunties and Sisters that fill that role often as well.   I could go on and on naming a million "mommies" but today I  just wanna shout out a few.

To my own mom, Urail Compton-Mackey ( Yeah lady, blew your picture up to if only I could've found that one with the brick red afro and us in matching red peep with dusty crusty knobby knees and lopsided pig tails in a yellow romper and you in jeans a tee shirt and the worlds biggest aviator sunglasses...wheeeeeeewwwwwww the 80's  were GREAT)  I love you Mom.

And omg my baby mammas( what I told y'all I am poly amorous!!!! I got two baby mamma's and you ain't never seen neither on maury...they know I am dat baby's auntie) 

TO  Laura and Jennifer  aka Smurf and Peewee

And yes I used these pictures on purpose, because I want you to know you all three are beautiful here.
You are even more beautiful at three a.m. when you've got puke in you're hair, shit on your hands and a baby on your hip, but i want you to know, that even when your hair is all wonky and your upset...I see you like this.   I see three strong, amazing , crazy ass nut cakes that some how keep getting day passes from what ever holding facility I try to get you locked up in. I see my best friends. And I can't wait to have our next "moments" together.

To Jamin.  You my friend are one HANDSOME MR MOM!!!  
I love you for your courage and your faith and your friendship.
Your compassion and your sense of humor. I know you worried about it and let me tell you.. you're doing a fabulous job!

To my little cousins M'Leesa and Samantha!!! You're all grown up now ladies...don't forget all the tricks big cousin taught you, cuz they are about to come back at you!!!
Grid yourselves ladies...THIS IS WAR...LOL

And holy poop all my friends on fb who are new moms and second or third time moms just in time for mother's day.

AND Just as importantly...To my friends who haven't gotten there yet.  The Journey in TTC is a long and winding road.  Like many of you I woke up and rolled my eyes this morning. Another mother's day has come and will soon be gone and yet my arms are empty.

For some reason this year it just hit me harder.  Maybe because this time I am still on the coat tails of a m/c and the heart ache is a little fresher.  But those of you with angles in heaven and rainbows yet to come, 
today is your day as well.  You are often in that auntie/sister/friend category and  while I know that is no comparison to the longing in your hearts, I also want you to remember that your "mothering"  doesn't go unnoticed by those who receive it.  When they think of you, their hearts warm and smiles come to their faces.  You are a precious commodity to them.
And you are special to me as well.  

I wish you all luck and sticky baby dust. And I am sending you all my thoughts, hopes and prayers.

As my friend LaTrice Glenn did for me this morning... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU LADIES ( even if it is in advance)

And Thank you LaTrice, for remembering me today. Your text was exactly what I needed to remind me to get out of bed and celebrate today. If not for myself, for all the amazing mommies around me.