Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I want to start out by saying Happy Mother's Day   to all the moms and mr moms out there( both here and here in spirit). And to the Aunties and Sisters that fill that role often as well.   I could go on and on naming a million "mommies" but today I  just wanna shout out a few.

To my own mom, Urail Compton-Mackey ( Yeah lady, blew your picture up to if only I could've found that one with the brick red afro and us in matching red peep with dusty crusty knobby knees and lopsided pig tails in a yellow romper and you in jeans a tee shirt and the worlds biggest aviator sunglasses...wheeeeeeewwwwwww the 80's  were GREAT)  I love you Mom.

And omg my baby mammas( what I told y'all I am poly amorous!!!! I got two baby mamma's and you ain't never seen neither on maury...they know I am dat baby's auntie) 

TO  Laura and Jennifer  aka Smurf and Peewee

And yes I used these pictures on purpose, because I want you to know you all three are beautiful here.
You are even more beautiful at three a.m. when you've got puke in you're hair, shit on your hands and a baby on your hip, but i want you to know, that even when your hair is all wonky and your upset...I see you like this.   I see three strong, amazing , crazy ass nut cakes that some how keep getting day passes from what ever holding facility I try to get you locked up in. I see my best friends. And I can't wait to have our next "moments" together.

To Jamin.  You my friend are one HANDSOME MR MOM!!!  
I love you for your courage and your faith and your friendship.
Your compassion and your sense of humor. I know you worried about it and let me tell you.. you're doing a fabulous job!

To my little cousins M'Leesa and Samantha!!! You're all grown up now ladies...don't forget all the tricks big cousin taught you, cuz they are about to come back at you!!!
Grid yourselves ladies...THIS IS WAR...LOL

And holy poop all my friends on fb who are new moms and second or third time moms just in time for mother's day.

AND Just as importantly...To my friends who haven't gotten there yet.  The Journey in TTC is a long and winding road.  Like many of you I woke up and rolled my eyes this morning. Another mother's day has come and will soon be gone and yet my arms are empty.

For some reason this year it just hit me harder.  Maybe because this time I am still on the coat tails of a m/c and the heart ache is a little fresher.  But those of you with angles in heaven and rainbows yet to come, 
today is your day as well.  You are often in that auntie/sister/friend category and  while I know that is no comparison to the longing in your hearts, I also want you to remember that your "mothering"  doesn't go unnoticed by those who receive it.  When they think of you, their hearts warm and smiles come to their faces.  You are a precious commodity to them.
And you are special to me as well.  

I wish you all luck and sticky baby dust. And I am sending you all my thoughts, hopes and prayers.

As my friend LaTrice Glenn did for me this morning... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU LADIES ( even if it is in advance)

And Thank you LaTrice, for remembering me today. Your text was exactly what I needed to remind me to get out of bed and celebrate today. If not for myself, for all the amazing mommies around me.


  1. Gorgeous tribute. And let us know if your mum goes schitz over the photo!!

    1. Tnx Billy! I've got until tonight maybe tomorrow before she sees it. LOL, she actually likes this one so I may yet live, but dude, if I coulda got my hands on that afro picture... smh look at my moms face! NOW Picture the hugest halo of a BRICK RED AFRO and ronald mcdonlad big.. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh i must go break into her house and search i know that picture is somewhere there

  2. *sniffles* These are not sentimental tears. I just got something in my eye. Lovely post. Cece

    1. *giggles* awwee cece....i'l get you some visine lol

  3. Beautiful rambles Drea. Find that picture ASAP.

    1. man i am gonna have to get with my lil brother and just SNOOP cuz there are some classics

  4. Lovely tributes and just know I pray for you often, every day *big hug* And I wanna see that pic, but ooooh she's gonna be salty with you, lol!