Thursday, May 17, 2012

rambling at 3 in the morning

I been just kicking around lately.  Feeling some things, not feeling some things.  Taking things too much to heart and ignoring others. Meh. C'est le vie? Oui?

Of course it is. Life ebbs and flows.  Pulled by the moon just like the tides. The key is learning to adjust your sails. Opening them and catching that wind that drives you on, closing them and just floating on the waives. Battening down the hatches and riding out the storms.

So I was thinking to myself all day, "Drea, what's really going on?  Are you ok? Are you really gonna be this bohemian? B/C really  Birkenstocks and cracked heels isn't cute.  Might as well just have on crocs and no socks or odor eaters".  I need beauty day. I feel like dressing up and prancing around, if for no other reason than I've literal lived in my pajamas for the better part of the last few months. And now I need new pajamas.

And that shook me a bit. Caused me to look around, clean my glasses and look around again.

Shits not so bad.  I mean granted its not the BEST, but its not so bad. Lord knows, it could be worse. And honestly  some stuff I just don't give a damn about. Lots of people out there insinuating that something about me has something to do with them. Some of them are correct, but most of them are so flippin' far off bass.  There are a few, precious few, that have contributed to my current state of hermit-dom and introspection. Some of them because they gave me good advice, challenged me to look within myself and find that spark, that thing that just BREATHS life into me.  Some of them just because I just can't fkn be bothered anymore.  Dude, screw you and your issues.  

So its 3:30 a.m. now and I've got a bit of a headache due to the constant chatter of the voices...and probably the over load of instant coffee and chocolate cake.  I am thinking my fro is not so fro-tastic right now and a long hot bubble bath would be AH MAIZ  EN!

And despite the wicked email from someone I rather liken to and in-grown infested hair on crinkle of a trolls ass...I'm ok.  I suddenly don't care if I am accepted or not.  Don't care if some one appreciates me or not. My only concern is the fact that I think I need to do laundry cuz I might be down to the boxer briefs I bought for the Hubs but confiscated for myself when he said he didn't like them ( dude, they are magic under maxi dresses).

Oh and Titan, yeah he is concerning me. He has gas. Again.  Its not good. NOT. GOOD.


Its all good.

Stinky, but good.

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