Thursday, June 21, 2012


Remember a few months back I told you all that my characters sometimes sneak up on me and lay some serious drama down the go away?  One such encounter resulted in the unedited posting called girlfriends... (find it here GIRLFRIENDS)

well this morning around three a.m. I got a disturbing phone call and email and I guess I decided to channel whatever character that was hovering around in the original Girlfriends...
up until just a few moments ago this was my status... I've decided its worthy of  hanging out with the rest of the stuff I am planning for the girlfriends saga...


Since you admitted as much in the email you circulated to all our "friends" I know you see this and you know I am talking directly to you. I guess you get to win by calling me a bad friend, when in actuality you're the one who hid away. I didn't judge your actions in fact if you'll think hard enough I was probably the only person who told you to your face that you had the right to make a decision. However what you don't get the right to do is blame me or anyone else for how it played out. You made your bed, you can lie in it (Damn always wanted to get to say that ha ha). I don't hate you...facts of being until your little rant was brought to my attention I hadn't even truly thought about you. I try not to make people a priority in my life when I am only and option in theirs. The last words I spoke to you were " I love you, and I want you to do whats right and whats best for yourself, that doesn't mean you have to bring anyone down. Own up to your mistakes and go forward and when you're ready or need a friend I'll be here." I've always been here, it you who turned away. You who blamed every body for how you decided to handle this. DId you honestly think, knowing me all these years, I'd side with bullshit and drama over the truth. Facts of matter being if you'd stopped hiding in the shit you created long enough you'd know that I've only encouraged everyone to leave you be and let you live your life. I wont lie on you and I wont lie for you. I've kept your confidence through it all. Even when asked to my face I've only said "thats her story to tell". And Even now I wont tell, but I tell you what else I wont do, I wont sit quietly and let you drag my name through the mud. I am only gonna tell you this once little girl, Keep rubbing my lamp and I'm gonna answer your every wish. You think life sucks right now? You don't know hard times yet darlin'. It won't be a rock in Texas you can hide under. And as for not knowing were to find me: baby look over you shoulder because the more you run my name past your lips, the closer I get. PS... you should make sure you don't hit reply all and that you delete your previous attachments when you're sending out scathing little emails full of lies and vitriol. I was one of thirty five people who got to see the picture of you smoke a "pipe" that doesn't belong to your husband. Wonder how you going to explain that one? And based on the phone cal I just got, you've got exactly 7 hours to come up with a good lie. LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND SMOOCHES!!


  1. Replies
    1. doesn't do to piss me off when i am hungry and sleepy... me or my characters...

  2. Oh my! The things you get up to while I'm watching Hentai or napping.

  3. Well now... Yeah don't fug with Drea at 3 AM...

  4. The key words are will we see Drea on Snapped? But you keep messing with people, you are surprised by the response. She is lucky you did not use curse words. Or did you?

  5. Uh ohh, somebody just got str8 tole the fruck off!