Sunday, June 8, 2014


Reunited and It Feels so Good

This weekend my good friend/ Sister Aniece and her Fiancé Carla came to visit with their dog tyler.

I know what you’re thinking, “Dréa speant A whole weekend with people.
I did. And I was Happy to do so. In fact I’m planning to have a girl’s weekend with my best friend Jennifer Really soon.

Here is the thing; as much as I Revel in my hermit-dom, I actually do like “some” people.
And I enjoy spending time with them.  Not all the time!  But sometimes… like once or twice every year or maybe like every three months.

I love to get together with them and share good food and conversation. Catch up on what’s been going on in their lives. Gossip as we are apt to do. Maybe do a little shopping and site seeing, or just split a bottle of wine or a bucket of margaritas.
Yeah, I said a bucket… a really, really Big bucket.

WE laugh and sometimes shed a tear or two. We connect to each other spiritual and reaffirm what words can’t really say.
“I love you.”
“I honor you”
“I trust you”
“I appreciate you”

There is a balm, much like the one in Gilead, in being with my soul sisters.
Jennifer, Tawania, aniece.
There  is a safty in being in the protective
Circle of my brothers
Corey, Jhonathan, Gary, chris.

I am very rarely that close people (particularly females.)

That is a uniqueness to that bond.
Being with the people who know me best and understand… truly understand my need to be separate but together.
To be exactly who I am at all times.
To be silent and moody, loud and juvenile.
Judgemental and unconditional..
A hard ass and a push over.

To have the love and support of people who knew me before I became “ME”.
Who understand the woman beneath the showmanship.

It is so good to be able to touch that point of pure energy and love.
To be grounded to the circle of life and covered in the peace of just being.
To sit in the darkness under the watchful  eye of the late spring moon and count fireflies and shooting stars.

To reconnect, to recharge. To reunite.
To strengthen a bond forged in love and time.

And now I’m done and I can spend some time absorbing it all.
Being all by myself with the sweet smell of rain washed earth.

I spent the weekend Loving and being loved.
Being reminded that I am not alone.
And being happy not only for myself, but for aniece and Carla and their life and family.
 And that has been the best thing.

Being able to see the tangible good in this world.

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