Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day Two

Start as you mean to go....or follow up and over

I screwed up. I slept through my alarm and missed my entire first class at the gym.

Then like a bumbling bull in a china store, I woke the whole house.

In my frustration, I did make it to the gym and the only thing I could think to do was find some kinda cardio...

But first I explored the gym and its tiny, but that's fine... the shower situation sucks...but what ever...I found some tabata work out music( heavy dance hall and edm with a kicking bass  that counts you down through several BURST work sections)  I sat my ass on one of those recumbent bikes and pushed through 3O minutes of sheer disappointment and pisstivity.

Then I did a ten minute kettle ball routine ( did it through twice) that I found on you tube.


I came home had my oatmeal for breakfast and facebook lived my shame.
For lunch I had an apple/quinoa salad with avocado and cranberries and .....it wasn't as good as i had longed for but i lived....i didn't finish it and thats fine...
I went to work and my app wasn't working... they kept requesting that I restart then drive here or there then restart. I gave up and went and washed and vaccumed my car. Then  as soon as i could i self turtled ( took off with out repricussion because they hadn't been sending me any orders) and came home... grabbed the barbarian and his uncle and went on an adventure...

Which is how I ended up in Carino's nearly in tears.... because I didn't want a fucking salad... I wanted pasta and sauce and lobster... but I muscled through. I order the large cobb...with EVERYTHING ON SIDE...and water.

I ended the day buy getting a new super cool tea pot and getting the barbarian a fresh fresh pair of addias.

 In case you're wondering....here's what I'm working with.

37 years old
52 bust-54.75waist-58hips
and 49.7% body fat.

All I know is at the end of 16 weeks I just want to be smaller. and healthier...
(this is me on SUNDAY THE 8th)

this is me not being happy with my salad but determined to stick to my guns....listen...i love salad... but who the hell wants salad when they can have lobster ravioli and BREAD

Tomorrow I do day two of my detox...And I'm getting getting a massage first thing in the morning( hey it was booked weeks ago).

IT wasn't a bad day really.... Just Keep Swimming


  1. How about if you just start slowly and just go to the gym and eat what you normally eat, but just cut your portions down by half. About the snacking, take some celery sticks to work and munch on those and slowly remove what you like to snack on. Once you get the hang of that, start introducing healthier food. I mean, detoxes and meal plans are fine, but trying to go to that from what you're used to is very difficult. Most of us will do it for a week or two and then fall off the wagon. I can't tell you how many diets and such I tried over the years and I failed all of them. It was only when I changed my eating habits that I was able to "train" myself how and what to eat. I went from eating half of everything to slowly cutting out the fast food, then the sodas, then rice and pasta, and yes, I stopped eating after 7:00p, but if I had to munch, I'd keep Granny Smith apples on hand. It was a process each time and once I conquered one hurdle, I do something else and it became easier and easier to change my diet to it being a regular thing. Now, I have a protein shake in the morning and one for dinner and eat a small lunch. I'm not a salad person either, but during the week, I try to eat healthy being I'm at work and then on the weekends, I might cheat a bit. I don't eat red meat either, but that's just a choice. If I do decide to have like a turkey burger and fries, I'll make sure I'll eat around 4:00p and not later. That way I can walk it off before the evening.

    Same with going to the gym. I tried multiple times to do a gym plan and fell off that wagon each time. So I did something different, I started three years ago where I just went and did the treadmill for 30 minutes. I had some cool playlists on You Tube, so I started at a comfortable pace like speed 3.0 on the Fatburner level 2 - this left me winded, but I got through it because I liked the songs so much, and after a month, I'd add another level, and now I'm up to 3.8 on the Fatburner at level 10. I can't really walk faster than 3.8 because I'd be running and I can't run because I have a bad knee and huge boobs. After about six months, I started back weight training. I wasn't losing much weight, I lost about seven pounds, but I at least felt healthier and could walk a flight of stairs without huffing. After six months of that, I met a trainer and he gave me an awesome workout. This is where the weight began to fall off me and I began to firm up. By now, I had "trained" myself to go to the gym - which to me is the hardest hurdle for everyone and that's getting there and going regularly. Now, I can't stand to NOT go to the gym, I try to go 4-5 days a week now. I'm down at my target weight. And it's a great feeling when you start feeling the weight coming off and the muscles showing a bit - I'm not trying to be a body builder, I just mean trim.

    I'm just going from my experience because I've been where you are where I'd join a gym, classes, they'd give me meal plan and I'd be all excited and then I didn't feel the weight was coming off fast enough or I let life get in the way or I'd allow myself to be lazy - and you miss one day and then another and so on and then I'd be beating myself up until . . . yeah.

    I hope some of this helps you, Drea. Just take from it what speaks to you and feel free to make your own adjustments.

  2. Wishing you all the success. Me personally, I can't stick with diets/healthy living if I get rid of everything all at once. I get hella stressed and just give up. Although you missed the class you still did a workout and ate right, so you are still on track!!! First day sounds like a success!!