Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missing those who've gone on

some times you just miss those people who are gone from you. Maybe they've left this world, transcended this life...or maybe they've just moved...down the block and around the corner across the sea.

Somedays I think of just one person... somedays i miss them all... today is kind of a "missing you all kinda day"

"sometimes i still look for you in crowds....hear you voice over the party din... smell that scent you wore on the wind...sometimes your still here and I have nothing...nothing to fear...I hold my breath and close my eyes praying to make this time last...fighting against reality... grasping at the wispy, smokey dream... I miss you my friend...and if there be a heaven, i pray to get there, if only to be with you again.  "  from MISSING YOU in the journals of ADCB copyright 2012


  1. lol and yes I know the letters are not in alphabetical order... those there are my dyslexia isn't that bad lol

  2. Beautiful sentiments here. What have you done with our Drea?