Friday, February 13, 2015

Confessions of a future former fat .... MOMMY

Confessions of a future former fat chic MOMMY

Well, the last time I was here was my birthday. Whoda thunk it? THIRTY FOUR!  And boy was I doing it up big, lol. I partied all week and ate too much and gave zero fucks…man, I gave so much less than zero fucks there isn't a negative number to equate with it.  So many fucks…so much fucking *clears throats*… Ummm ah hem… yeah, so ummm.

Anyway, basically if you know me (and you do) you know I had a great holiday season. SO GREAT in fact that I ended up getting the gift of a life time.  God works in mysterious ways. LOL He waits until your giving less than a damn then whamo you’re knocked up. LOL,  You guys already know this, but just to clarify…Alpha/Prime and I are expecting our first child this summer.

Ok ok stop laughing!  Most of you who've been along for this ride with me know that the one thing I really was focused on in all our “efforts” was to NOT be pregnant during the summer. At least not big fat can’t wait to pop pregnant.  We should have all known that I’d mess it up.  Sometime back in 2013 I watched  “what to expect when you’re expecting” and over a bucket of margaritas and a several rolls of paper towels ( I was hormonal and had just had an mc) I said to my Godbrother “you know that’s gonna be me: if and when it finally happens, I’m gonna have one of those horrid pregnancies. Puke Pee and sleep.”

BOY WAS I EVER RIGHT.  I’m not going to regale any one with all of that right now but suffice it to say, if ever there was a self fulfilling prophecy I spoke it that day.  Not only that but we are firmly in winter's grip here in North East Texas, and I've been regularly wearing flip flops, shorts and tank tops.  Yeah, you read that right...and the temp isn't supposed to get much lower except and odd day here or there.  Its gonna be a hot effin summer.   

 We made a very conscious choice to actually announce this pregnancy (something we've never done before) and share the entire journey…knowing that there could be a chance for  …well we’ll just leave that unspoken. Its still fairly early in the game and we are still waiting cautiously. Every breath is a prayer. Every check up sends our nerves through the rough. But we are hopeful and prayerful and gratefulSo far we are delighted.  I mean lets be real. I’m tired of the severe nausea (I'm seriously one step from being admitted and attached to iv's but i'm doing my best to avoid it) and the puking and the not eating and the sleeping, BUT I wouldn't trade it for the alternative! Each day that we progress is a blessing and I’m thankful. Even when I’m face down in the toilet, my heart sings.

And I’m thankful for all the support.  Yes, I sometimes roll my eyes at the advice. And some days, I kinda just want to vent and not get any advice, but I knew I couldn't do this journey without you all. Everything reminds me of how blessed I really am.
So when I’m here, most of what you’ll be hearing is my take on pregnancy and all its joys.  Some of it you may have already heard if you follow me on the book of faces. *shrugs* it is what it is.
I started this post three full hours ago, I’ve stopped to pee every ten minutes and I’ve managed to forget where I was going with this when I sat down so I guess I’m done.  Time to take the meds and wait for sleep to claim me. (scary right, the insomniac sleeping!  DUDE AND I MEAN SLEEEEEEEEPPPPPINNNNG, like i'll see you guys in 14 hours or so type of sleeping.)

Blessings and Shenanigans!


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