Sunday, March 4, 2012

having something to say but not being able to find the words sux

And it sucks bad. It sucks big ass donkey nuts.
Folks will tell you, "just say it" but they don't understand you can't. you open your mouth and not even air comes out.
but your heart  sings like Hannah's. It cries out not only to the Lord Yahweh, but to every person walking by.
If you could hear it, if only I could plug in the speakers into my chest and let the blusey reverberation flow through to you.

The smoke vibe of some back woods juke joint, would suck you in the soulful moans bring tears to your eyes, burn your throat with passion.

THe Bass would be so deep your bones would dance, they'd find themselves mellow and limber and dance . like rubber bands...they would slink and sway.

If only you could hear the words stuck here...beneath my breast. Trapped in the only place that they are safe. Where they can harm no one but me.

And they do so much harm, trapped here inside where I can not reach.

I have something to say, but I guess I'll find the words some other day.

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