Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Even though I am actively ( or should be) involved in several other blogs, blogtalks (yup, they let me on the radio LIVE) and other social forums, this one is pure Dréa (live, loud and uncensored).  They say the hardest part in any Journey is the first step (Looks back to see if anyone notices that I tripped over thin air just then).  I guess I have to agree with them( whoever THEY are anyways), to some extent. But sometimes the hardest part is the middle and even the end.  I’m glad you guys are on the road with me though.  We’ll have a helluva ride!

I've been kicking around the idea of a solo blog for a long time. A lot of you are probably scratching your head and wondering why. No, actually we weren't Dréa, but since you said we were: Why are you starting a solo blog? You don't even keep up with any of the other projects you have.

Weeellll, since you asked! Its a free country and free internets( for the time being) and I can *shrug*.
Truth is: I'm a extrovert trapped in and introvert's body.  No, really!  This isn't new. I've said it before. And also the other "projects" all had a specific.... lots my train of thought as the sexiest dodge truck I've seen today just drove by my office, what was I saying.  OH YEAH!  O.K.  Ummmm no still lost it....oh, the other projects all had a specific function. 
The Dréa/Laura blog was always meant to be a showcase for what ever  the two of us created. It's kinda dead right now and I don't know when it will be back. It felt wrong to use that as platform for just my "me-ness". Its the Dréa/Laura blog after all... a duo...duality.

The youtubechannel fed two hungers: my sudden obsession with seeing myself and the need to be seen and the need to do book reviews. Wait, ok THREE hungers. That didn't last long, I don't like dressing up. It might come back, you know like I'll do cameos or something.  It was fun for the Twin and I to goof around. We're still kicking around some idea's about how to make that work.

The radio show actually combines a bunch all of the other stuff in one place and feeds my need to talk. I like to be heard. I like to talk, but I don't like to dress up all the time. Problem solved.  I enjoy the blogtalk more than the others because I get to gab with other people about anything and everything. Though the first few shows have been strictly some book reviews of my fellow authors and the Twin and I cutting up, we're in development still.  Its good fun.

All the other blogs are just things that I contribute to. Occupational hazard if you will. 
This blog however, is all me. My place to ramble away freely about whatever it is I am feeling, doing, thinking.  A public journal, so to speak. 

So what can you expect to see here?  EVERYTHING, or as near to it as you probably never thought you'd want to get.  

I was asked to talk about my journey in TTC ( you learn what that is later if you don't already know) by several people. Not really sure how much of that I am ready to put out in the open, but as writing is my release, I am sure it will come up.  

And of course you'll hear about the writing, the baking, the pets and mighty mini-es.

As I said. Its all ME here. Random, Rowdy and Riley.

That's All.


  1. Hi! You gotta do you! That's how we get all the good stories. If you are not keeping yourself right..., the words will not come out right. Love You!!

  2. Do your thing girl...do your thing


  4. Drea, if you got something to say, let it all out. Can't wait to read it.

  5. Well yes indeed let it out. Although I'm still blinking at the use of the word "introvert" to describe yourself :D

    Aunt Toni

    1. Aunt Toni...i can be an introvert...y'all said i could be whatever i wanted to be ;D