Saturday, February 18, 2012

insomnia, the muse , ttc-ing and the need to ramble

So its two in the morning in sleepy lil' Texas. The only sounds in my house are the sound of the living room clock ticking ( which for some reason is extremely loud at two a.m.), the three men of the house snoring from their sentinel guard posts ( cwb in bed, titan in his kennel and dee oh gee curled up in the corner of the love seat) and the click of my fresh new full set of  bright solar nails( i got into the st pats spirit early this year to help me with the umpteen stories DJ had demanded and got tips that have shamrocks on them as well as a bright green pedicure but more on the magic of st pats later).

I lay in the bed listening the quirky sounds of my house for a full half hour before I gave up the ghost  and gave into the inevitable energy spurt that hits me after bd'ing ( look it up i gave you a key). The voices in my head were driving me nuts with their adhd.  They couldn't decided what they wanted to do, pray for the bd'ing to be "successful",  praise God for the gift we are about to receive and the abundance we already enjoy,  fret over the ever mounting stack of bills, run through the list of a million things to do before both the trek to the inlaws and the impending misadventure of North Carolina ( probably to some how be known in the future as the time Drea destroyed the antebellum state) or  sit back and listen to the four characters willing me to get up and pen their adventure( which has to do with all the damn green and oddly my mother in laws concession wagon).  The characters lost out even though I did get scolded for all the giggling  I was doing ..." get up and go get it out of your system so we can all get some sleep". ( Grumpy ass cowboy, like it wasn't his fault I'm up  at now two thirty a.m. to begin with).

No, the muse was satisfied when I agreed to make notes ( hey i just got this damn manicure and even though the lady was cock-eyed and  every nail on my left hand is slightly canted to the right, its pretty cute. I can't be writing out a two flashes and ruining it before I show my mother in law tomorrow.)  The need to just ramble, let the words fly from my fingers at will, releasing the pressure that's been building behind my left eye for about a week won out.

So, I am sitting here, fingers finally kissing the keys, wonder what I'll do after the need is assuaged.  I'm kinda hunger but not really. I could do the dishes, but I forgot to buy gloves to protect my nails. My yoga ball looks like it misses me. I haven't bounced on it in a few days, but doing that means I have to hoist my ass out of this leather recliner and walk over to the dining room and get said ball. I daren't open my email because DJ will hit me with "where is my next story" and " hey write this (insert link to hunky hotness picture)."
I could hang out with my insomnia support group Aka Dimples on fb, he is always awake when I am, blaming me for projecting my in ablility to not be a real live vampire onto him, thus causing him to be a nocturnal creeper (oh and btw he would probably say, you can be a black vampire as long as you don't fcking shimmer or anything cuz glitter bats are SO not what vampires are). Or I could sit here and re read my words like the nut case I am and marvel at the weird manic way ocd manifests itself in me.
Yup, think that's what I'll do.
Until next time....


  1. You have a lot to say about nothing about 3:00 am. Then most people say all day long. I am going to call you Seinfield. I hope you are asleep with your fab nails.

  2. Note to self, do NOT tell DR your room number when you get to NC. A 2:00 am rap session about nails and black vampires would not end well for either of us. I need my beauty sleep (read I'm getting old). Go to sleep Mamacita!

    1. im gonna just creep in eat the snacks and creep back out

  3. Elle I promise not to eat all your snacks and only jummp on the bed a couple of times.